After we summited, most of the group descended to Camp 2, but another team member and I decided to go farther down to Camp 1.  We spent the night there and then return and then descended to ABC.

We are back in Shigatse enjoying our hot showers, luxurious bathroom, and REAL
bed.  Most of us have shaved off our long beards and have been noticing how much weight we have dropped.  I think I may have lost about two pounds.

Tomorrow we will drive to Lhasa before catching a plane back to Kathmandu.


Summit/26,906 ft.

September 30:  I summited!  Oh, man, it was amazing. 1208lepagne3

The 30th was my last chance to the summit, and I just wasn’t sure the weather would cooperate. I was preparing myself for the disappointment of not getting that chance to attempt the summit, but the stars were aligned, Mother Earth was happy or the Cosmos was balanced.  Whatever it was, I was given a chance of a lifetime…a chance to fulfill a dream…a chance to help others…simply, a chance.

Back at Camp 2

September 27: We made it to Camp 2 today (23,400 ft.) Hoping for good weather tomorrow.

From Google Images

From Google Images

September 28:  We woke up this morning, packed up and had breakfast.  But before we could go anywhere, there were massive black clouds rising.  Suddenly we were hit with snow and wind and had to retreat to our tents.  Another night at Camp 2 for us.  Keeping my fingers cross for tomorrow.

On the Move Again

September 25:  There is snowfall in base camp, but the Sherpas radioed us that they have fixed the rope into Camp 3.  We were told by our leader that the forecast for the next five days looks clear, so tomorrow we move on.  Yes!b

September 26:  We finally got to move again today.  Tonight we sleep at Camp 1 (21,402 ft.)  Our Sherpas have fixed the rope above the rock band.



September 20:  Got my hot shower and shaved (took a half hour just to shave).  Feeling good.

September 21:  We have thick clouds helmetshrouding ABC in fog.  I’m hoping it clears up.   The Sherpas from the varying teams are meeting tonight to discuss their plans about fixing rope to the summit and sharing responsibilities.

September 22:  The weather isn’t looking good and the forecast for the week isn’t optimistic either.  Mountain weather is unpredictable though, so can only pray for things to go our way.

September 23:  The weather is better today.  The Sherpas are off fixing lines to the summit.  We have are fingers crossed the weather will cooperate.  If the weather holds, we begin ascending again tomorrow.

379855aSeptember 24:  Woke up to a blizzard.  We are pinned down in our tents listening to the wind howl.  There’s absolutely no visibility.  I’m getting concerned about our window of opportunity to summit.  I’m trying to prepare my emotional self not to be too disappointed if the weather halts our chances to summit.  The weather forecast for tomorrow is supposed to be just as bad if not worse than today.