According to CDC,  1 in 68 children has Autism and in California it’s 1 in 50.

Currently, 85% of young adults with Autism are unemployed.

If you’ve reached this site by searching topics about autism, chances are you know someone close to you who ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). If you’ve gotten here through a climbing search, chances are you, too, also know of people with ASD. Autism is no longer a rare, mysterious disorder that caused people to be savants, as portrayed by Hollywood in Rain Man.

Hello, mDSC03532y name is Farzin Fallah, and I have been a climber and mountaineer for over 28 years. Although it is a challenging endeavor, I love climbing because it provides me with a path towards personal growth. However, compared to my son Matthew, who has Asperger’s (a form of autism), and other people like him on the Autism Spectrum, climbing is more like a walk in the park. This is why my family and I have decided to use mountaineering as platform to raise funds for and awareness of autism.

GOAL COMPLETED OCTOBER 2016.  Our GOAL was to raise awareness and funds to help fund NFAR Tech National Foundation of Autism Research (NFAR). NFAR is San Diego based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) develop technical and social skills tTechPic1o gain the employment and become independent, contributing members of society. Thank you all who donated and helped on the endeavor! We raised a total of $20,577.


As part of our fundraising efforts, we asked NFAR to allocate 10 percent of what we raised for PACT (Positive Action Community Theatre), who also work with teens and adults on the autism spectrum.  On January 21, 2016, Matthew presented  to Kathryn Campion, co-founder of PACT, a check for $2,064.

You may continue to donate to NFAR at http://www.nfar.org/

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